About us

Founded in 2019, Evessen is the embodiment of a lifestyle brand. Inspirational, focused and in-sync with an ambitious audience.

We are authentic, versatile and real. We celebrate city life and free spirits. We dream and we dream big. The world is our stage and we take this with an open mind and a blank canvas.

We feel and base everything we do on how it feels to us from your feedback.  We create clothing we love to wear ourselves. Clothing that makes us feel good. Our collections reflect who we are, and our goal is to inspire anyone to be who they want to be.

Fashion is following trends.  In a world that is rapidly changing and is calling for sustainability, we answer with clothing that is timeless, season-less, ageless and gender-less.

Leisure & Casual has the ability to be recognizable across borders and languages. It's not about clothing it's about the stories we live and tell. We are fueled by passion and progression, driven by people pushing innovation, supporting the industry and taking risks.